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Reiki Services

Intuitive Energy Healings

Offering Reiki treatments for you, your loved ones and your pets!

Reiki Relaxation Parties offered to bring bliss to you and your guests.


Private Reiki Sessions

Offered at Bayport Wellness Center

Come lay down & let go of all that is no longer serving you
& allow all of the life force energy to revitalize you.

Exchange is $70 for a 60 minute session

Students - $55  for a 60 minute session

(high school, college, former & current Reiki students)

Reiki for Animals

Private treatments for your pets

Animals are very receptive to energetic healing & can benefit greatly from a session if they are experiencing anxiety, grief, discomfort or are recovering from an illness or surgery.

Pet Reiki cost varies depending on type of animal,

length of session & distance of household.

Exchange starting at $30

Equine Reiki Healing Sessions

Horses are incredibly intuitive animals that are very receptive to energy healing. Horses work hard to provide different types of services, therapies, exercise & joy to humans. They deserve personal time for their energy to be replenished & revitalized.

*Kate has grown up riding horses & currently works at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, working with horses for the past five years. After completing an intensive Animal Reiki Master course, Kate now provides Reiki services to horses at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian & other barns on Long Island.


$60 for a 30 minute sessions

$90 for a 60 minute sessions

Distant Healing Sessions

Sending healing to you

Distant Healing Treatment
Relax in your own space & comfort zone & have Reiki sent to you
Reiki Distance Healing is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow. This helps activate the natural healing processes in each person's body as well as to restore their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Exchange $70 for 60 minute session