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I wasn’t sure what to expect my first session.  I had heard of people feeling nothing and others having out of body experiences.  I was anxious to see. I knew I needed Reiki because something just felt off. As soon as I stepped into the room with Kate, I felt a warm feeling. I was comfortable. During my first session, I had several physical releases... in just the first session. Afterwards I felt a little sore, but I felt better physically and mentally. Shortly after that, I booked my next session.  I will only go to Kate now for Reiki and I definitely recommend at least trying it to the skeptics!

Melissa D.

Kate has been amazing for us.  I started bringing my 4 year old daughter for Reiki shortly after school had started.  She loves preschool, but was getting emotional at drop off, and it was rough for both of us.  After a few sessions we were right back to smooth drop offs, and happy good-byes. Kate’s easy going personality and sweet nature made my daughter comfortable from the get-go.  She loves going to see her, and we pop in from time to time when she’s having a rough week or I just want to keep that positivity going. I’m looking forward to my own session with her!

Stephanie S.

The stress in my life was getting to me and those closest to me were starting to take notice. When a friend suggested that I see Kate for Reiki, I didn't know what to expect, but I scheduled. After an hour in her office,  I experienced a profound calm that lasted. I'm still not sure what magic she worked, but once I came back to my senses, I immediately got in touch with her to schedule for next week. It's been almost a year, and spending time in her office is consistently the best part of my week.

John Pisciotta


Kate is like a warm ray of sunshine. She has such a soothing and friendly personality which only accentuates the experience of being healed by her. She has helped me get through physical AND emotional pain/issues since I started seeing her. Every time I go for Reiki, I immediately fall into a trance of sleep like tranquility and "wake up" feeling fresh and revived. Healings from Kate are gentle yet effective and highly recommended by me!

Shannon Foley

Kate is someone that absolutely glows with light simply being in her presence. Her energy feels warm, comforting, soft, and boundless. As a Reiki Master Teacher myself, I can completely attest to the powerful ability Kate has to channel healing to all she touches. During my sessions with Kate I am able to connect to my Mother on the other side; I am constantly transported into a deep state of peace and heavenly bliss through our sessions. Kate's truly has a gift; it has been an honor to witness her light.

Lauren B.

I’ve been going to Kate for close to two years now.  Since my very first Reiki session, I was hooked! She is so welcoming and her energy is awesome. The experience is so relaxing and calming both physically and mentally. I’ve even brought my 5 year old son to her, he was so comfortable with her and really enjoyed it. After falling in love with receiving Reiki from Kate I decided to take the classes that she offered and am now a Reiki Master myself. It’s safe to say I would recommend her 1000x over for all things Reiki!

Amber C.


Kate is an amazing person. She is so talented, full of positive energy and love. She is one of the most kind hearted and nurturing people and I am so fortunate to have her in my life.

Good morning Kate! I wanted to wait a few days to see the impact I’ve noticed from my Reiki session before I reported back to you. I want to tell you that I have been completely stress free. Even more, I wake up excited for the day no matter what my plans are. So I just wanted to say thank you so much and tell you that what was once a curiosity, is steadily growing into a huge thirst for knowledge.

Rachel B.

Kelly L.