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Healings by Kate

Offering Intuitive Energy Healings to bring balance & harmony to your mind, body & soul. Together we can remove the blocks that hold you back from optimal health and happiness! Reiki is the soul massage you’ve been waiting for. If you are seeking, Reiki can bring you back to your true, most authentic-self.

Reiki = Love!

Kate is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner who offers private energy healing sessions to humans, horses & animals of all kinds. She also teaches Usui Reiki on all levels for those interested in learning this gift.


"We used to think of health as the absence of disease. Now we think of it in terms of how well our life force flows through our bodies. For optimum health, this life force must be able to flow freely. We cannot be healthy if our bodies are clogged with the energy of resentment, anger, guilt or grief."

Colin Tipping